Friday, June 17, 2011

Shoveling Chairs

Shoveling Chairs
It seems quite often that people assume (incorrectly) that kitchen chairs or smaller and simpler repairs are something I would not be interested in pursuing.

I think that the importance of a piece is not always measured by its market value or historic importance.

Sometimes the family folding chairs you pull out of the basement when guests arrive have an importance all of their own.

You've had them for years, they remind you of good times and they fold up nicely and store well in the basement!

 This repair was just that, Simple breaks at stress points on a set of well loved and well used folding chairs. A straight forward and quick repair to stabilize and reinforce the joinery.

Lots of clamps, a good cleaning and a bit of paste-wax and we're back in business.

A simple and inexpensive repair that should last for years to come.