Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mentors and Teachers

This weekend I did a booth at the Woman's Club of Wilmette Antiques Show. A form of self promotion I have not done in many years.  A lot of people asked if I thought it was worth the effort.

Tools and Materials
From my perspective, I met a abundance of people with concerns and questions that I hope I answered in a way that helped them with their concerns.

While obviously I was there to hawk my services and find more work - I have to say that my favorite moments were spent giving away what some would call "trade secrets"

After the first day, standing there for hours on end with no tangible product to sell and only myself as a spokesman  - for myself. I jokingly referenced my first grade teacher Sister Zacchaeus,  saying that she would be proud that I had managed 8 hours of "show and tell" with out hiding in the cloak closet.

The half and half chest
Then Sunday at the show, I ran into my youngest sons first grade teacher -  who thanked me again for coming to her class and bringing all the wood samples and tools. I had forgotten that moment it was over 14 years ago -  and it struck me as an odd coincidence.

The opportunity to offer or share knowledge -  freely and openly -  is without a doubt  - truly a blessing.

To all of my mentors and teachers throughout the years, my sincere thanks for instilling in me a thirst for knowledge and importance of sharing.